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Numbness leading to noncohearant and had a ct and a chest xray also a ekg. all came out normal. and now 3 days later its hapening again

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Paroxysmal : Your description suggests presence of an intermittent or paroxysmal disorder, and it could represent migraine, epilepsy, transient decreased blood flow, hypoglycemia, or even variations in blood pressure. Would suggest a neurological consultation, and get this addressed, as treatment could be highly successful.

Answered 12/8/2012


Dr. Beth Howell answered

Specializes in Psychiatry

May be seizure: This could be an emotional disorder presenting as a physical symptom. However, you first need to exclude the possibility of a seizure coming from the temporal lobe of your brain. See a neurologist specialized in epilepsy and have an eeg with sphenoidal or nasopharyngeal leads. Also an MRI scan of the brain would help.

Answered 6/10/2014



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