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Mohs surgery is the best way to treat skin cancers. what qualifies a doctor to be a mohs surgeon?

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Dr. M. Christine Lee answered

Specializes in Dermatology

ACMS members: It is important that you verify that your mohs surgeon is recognized as a fellowship-trained surgeon. Only members of the american college of mohs surgery (acms) are fellowship trained to perform mohs surgery. All members and fellows of the acms are listed on their website directory. The link to the acms website: http://www.Mohscollege.Org/.

Answered 9/9/2014


Dr. Ally-Khan Somani answered

Specializes in Dermatology

ACMS Fellowship: The acms fellowship (www.Skincancermohssurgery.Org) established by dr. F. Mohs is acknowledged as the benchmark in mohs surgery training. Through an extensive application and interview process, only the most qualified physicians are selected by acms to participate in a fellowship program. Participants must undergo a rigorous 1-2 yr training program after completing a residency in dermatology.

Answered 3/7/2015


Dr. Travis Kidner answered

Specializes in Surgical Oncology

For Some: It is acceptable for squamous and basal cell carcinomas. I would advise against having moh's surgery for melanoma.

Answered 8/1/2013



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