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How long will i stay numb after having my wisdom teeth out? i had my wisdom teeth out this morning at 8:30 (it's now 3:00 pm) and still feel a lot of numbness in the back of my mouth. i've never felt numb for this long after going to the dentist. is somet

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Dr. Theodore Davantzis
Dentistry 42 years experience
Probably : Probably not. There are certain anesthetics that can last 6 to 10 hours. It depends on what your surgeon used. Can you call their office and ask? Take it easy the rest of the evening and in a short while you will start to get the feeling back.
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Dr. G Funari
Dr. G Funarianswered
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 47 years experience
Certain : Certain local anesthetics can have a duration of action of 6 to 8 hours depending on the site of injection. These long acting anesthetics are routinely used in third molar surgery to provide extended relief from surgical pain. If the anesthesia remains the morning after the surgery it may indicate that the nerve in the area may have been disturbed. This is a known consequence associated with the removal of the lower third molars and can result from stretching, compressing or tearing of the nerve. Stretching and compression injuries have better prognosis for recovery, though it may take several months for full sensation to return. Thought injuries typically do not require further treatment, just monitoring. Injuries that involve transection of the nerve can be permanent. It is these types of injuries that may require further surgical treatment. No matter the cause, prolonged anesthesia, greater than a day, require follow-up by the treating surgeon.
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Dr. Jeffrey Collura
Cosmetic Dentistry 16 years experience
Agreed. The surgeon may have given you and extra injection of long acting anesthetic to keep you comfortable for the day, or you may have some transient parasthesia that could last days, or even weeks, but I would not be too concerned about it at this point. On rare occasion, permanent numbness (paresthesia) can occur as a result of nerve damage.
Mar 22, 2013
Dr. J. Blake Perkins
Dentistry 23 years experience
Wisdom tooth extraction is never a walk in the park, and your symptoms are common to the average post operative course. As mentioned before, it is most likely a long acting anesthetic that is taking time wearing off. Paresthesia is most common in the tip or side of the tongue or lip. Give it some time, rest, and follow the post operative instructions of your surgeon.
Mar 28, 2013
Dr. Peter Certo
Dentistry 31 years experience
Not : Not necessarily. Wisdom teeth extraction is a very traumatic process and it is very possible to have numbness for days or weeks. Almost all the time, your feeling will come back slowly. If you are still numb tomorrow, go see your dentist. He/she may prescribe a steroid to help the healing process. The initial numbness from the dental anesthetic should last no more than 8 hours, but most last 4+ hours.
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