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What's the difference between natural hormones and synthetic hormones in treating menopause symptoms? there is so much information about the different kinds of hormone therapy for menopause that it's confusing to me. is there a difference between natural

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No diff in symptoms: There shouldn't be any difference in the effect on symptoms. Both synthetic and so-called natural estrogen should treat symptoms such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness. Many women prefer what are known as bio-identical hormones because they are similar to the ones in a woman's body. However, they have so far not been shown to be safer than the synthetic ones.

Answered 7/2/2013


Dr. J Ricardo Loret De Mola answered

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NO!: The estrogen receptors in your body cannot distinguish between the two, therefore the response is the same. Be careful regarding "natural" hormones, particularly if they are compounded at a pharmacy since you do not know what you are really taking. There was a large recall from a compounding pharmacy today for progesterone, so this can really happen. Your body will not know the difference.

Answered 10/6/2013



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