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If estridol levels are normally very low in menopausal women, why do we need to treat symptoms with hormone therapy?

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For symptoms: Sometimes the headaches, hot flashes, and difficulty with sleeping are very significant symptoms in the perimenopausal or menopausal time period. Short-term estrogen therapy would be very helpful for this.

Answered 10/2/2013


Dr. Cynthia Frazier answered

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Menopausal symptoms: are caused by dropping hormone levels as the ovaries fail to produce first progesterone then estradiol. The symptoms are relieved by replacing the hormones that are deficient. Do we "need" to treat is controversial. I personally believe we should treat as many studies have shown that hormone use lengthens life.

Answered 6/12/2015


Dr. Steven Ferguson answered

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You need a balance: Our bodies are wonderfully made and part of that process is that our hormones are in balance and functioning like a well-oiled machine. In our experience estradiol levels vary greatly in the postmenopausal woman. I usually find they are mid to low normal. I rarely find the estradiol levels to be very low. The origin of the symptoms is associated with the balance of your estradiol/progesterone/testosterone/DHEA/ and cortisol. What we have found in over 17 years of working with natural hormone therapy daily is that the balance of your hormones, not the specific amounts is the most important factor in relieving or determining your symptoms. Once we have balanced the hormones we are generally very successful in alleviation of multiple symptoms associated with hormone imbalance. Women young and old can have hormone in balancing. Symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes, painful menstruation, and heavy flow during menstruation all have an association with being hormone imbalanced. There are so many other symptoms that can be associated with hormone imbalancing, many of which most women have never made the Association.

Answered 6/1/2016



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