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How much work will i have to miss after a root canal? i'll be going in for my first root canal next week, and am really nervous about the pain after the procedure. maybe i'm just getting myself worked up over nothing, but i'd like to know how much, if any

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Dr. Theodore Davantzis answered

Specializes in Dentistry

You : You are getting yourself worked up over nothing. Dentistry has come a very long way over the years, and most procedures are painless with no post-operative pain. You can expect to be a little sore, possibly from the injection, possible from the procedure. Nothing that an otc pain reliever won't take care of. Then there is always a stronger med that your dentist can prescribe to you if you want. Don't even think about missing any work... You should be fine.

Answered 6/23/2020


Dr. Bruce Terry answered

Specializes in Endodontics

Most : Most patients will have a local anesthetic (lidocaine) for the root canal treatment. You should be able to work immediately with little more than the feeling of being numb for a few hours. Often, one dose of advil (ibuprofen) immediately after the visit works well when the anesthetic wears off. There is no need to miss work, unless you want to!

Answered 8/4/2017


Dr. Neil McLeod answered

Specializes in Prosthodontics

The : The answer to the question is "none" you are in all likelihood not going to have to miss any additional work apart from the time off to have the treatment. There are always exceptions but the majority of the time recovery from root canal treatment can be uneventful. You might need some anti inflammatory pills like advil or anaprox (naproxen). So settle down and take it in your stride. The question you want to be asking yourself is how much longer will i need to be at work to cover the cost of the repair of the tooth after the root canal treatment is complete. To do a really good job you will require your tooth to be reinforced with a post and then protected with a crown. Dr neil mcleod dds dentistry that lasts - quality that counts.

Answered 10/4/2016


Dr. Alex Shvartsman answered

Specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry

If done right: If done and managed correctly. You can work. The next day.

Answered 10/4/2018


Dr. Bassam Amawi answered

Specializes in Psychiatry

As above : I agree with other physician that u can go to work next day or the day after.

Answered 9/19/2017


Dr. Kenneth Grossman answered

Specializes in Endodontics

None: Sorry, but you can go directly to work! or even play tennis! provided you know how to play tennis. Root canals are a conservative, non invasive procedure. Especially when done microscopically! relax and feel better!go to a bocceli concert!

Answered 7/31/2017



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