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How likely am i to be diagnosed with ms? i originally went to the doctor for numbness and tingling in my hand and foot and have gotten severe pain in my opposite arm and hip on two occasions. one white spot was found on my brain mri, minor degenerative c

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Dr. Donald McCarren answered

Specializes in Neurology

I : I applaud your desire to have information before you arrive to the appointment. A few questions would be helpful. Did you ever have symptoms in the past? Any involvement of your eyes? Was the positive CSF oligoclonal bands or elevated igg index? The information you presented best fits with a monsymptomatic presentation as defined by the mcdonald's criteria which was designed to define those individuals who are likely to develop ms. To secure the diagnosis you would need another clinical event or a change in your MRI after 3 months. They will probably want further testing including veps (visual evoked potentials) or oct (optical coherence tomography). The lab evaluation will include an ana, b12, folate, esr, vitamin d panel and routine labs. They may also want a MRI of the thoracic spine if the exam suggests spinal cord involvement. Good luck and well wishes.

Answered 2/9/2017


Dr. David Dang answered

Specializes in Radiology

Hard to say: One white spot on brain MRI is nonspecific. If it is in a particular area (corpus callosum) it would be more concerning, otherwise it could have been from prior brain infection (encephalitis) or trauma (shearing injury). Your symptoms are a bit more worrisome. Perhaps a spinal fluid analysis will help. Neurology consult would be useful.

Answered 12/10/2016


Dr. Bennett Machanic answered

Specializes in Neurology

See neurologist: Your history is too nonspecific to confirm MS, but one white matter lesion may be a clue. Repeat MRI in 6 months if your problems continue, new lesions, especially Gadolinium positive, could confirm MS. If you lack confidence in current physician, get a second opinion.

Answered 6/8/2018



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