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I'm looking for the best orthopaedic surgeon to do a knee replacement on my 82 year old mother both knees, eventually, need replacement; the left knee is most painful for her. she suffers from osteoporosis and is on session (month?) 17 (of 26) with forte

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There : There is no "best" surgeon, but there are better and worse ones. If you're willing to travel, there are a couple of places known for their studies and experience with joint replacements. However, that is not recommended. Having a surgeon near home allows for more complete follow-up care. You do not state where your mother lives, but if she is near you in bakersfield, there are a number of surgeons available. Plan to visit at least 2, possibly 3, before making a decision. First look at training. Many joint replacement surgeons have specific fellowship training. Next look at experience--how many joints do they do per year? Once you are comfortable that the surgeon is capable of doing a technically good job, base your decision on how he/she interacts with your mother (you are not the patient, she is). There should be a good rapport and she should feel like all her questions and concerns have been addressed. No one surgeon "meshes" with every patient. We all have our personality differences and those can affect patients' care. Find the surgeon who is "right" for your mother. This is elective surgery, so don't make any hasty decisions.

Answered 10/3/2016



Knee Replacement: Like anything else there are good and bad. Asking friends or primary doc is a good place to start, and you can check the american academy of ortho surgeons website (www.Aaos.Org) for board certified surgeons in your area. From there a lot is just comfort, personality, etc. You want a surgeon who does a good volume, but for the right reasons. Any non-op treatments yet, injections, etc ?

Answered 6/9/2013



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