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What do you think of bioidentical hormone therapy? is it covered by regular medical insurance like united heaklth care?

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Bioidentical hormone: Bio identical hormone therapy is not usually covered by insurance. The hormones have hormone actions just like pharmaceutical hormone replacement, but with less standardization and safety standards. They have side effects and risks, just as pharmaceutical replacement. If you need hormone replacement, i would recommend regulated hormone replacement vs. Unregulated hormone replacement.

Answered 3/2/2013


Dr. Steven Ferguson answered

Specializes in General Practice

Often not covered: Bioidentical hormones come in many different formulations; some may be covered with the right diagnosis.

Answered 4/12/2016


Dr. Scott Shapiro answered

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it depends....: I suggest contacting your insurance company, as they vary in what they cover. Often, the insurance company will pick up portions of your initial bhrt consult, such as lab work or the consultation if it is with an M.D. Pellet implant therapy is not often covered but many physicians will work with you on payment plans or offer care credit, etc to help cover those costs.

Answered 10/11/2013



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