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I had a knee scope to fix a torn meniscus in february. i still had pain 6 months later so i had another mri which showed another tear on the other sid?

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Dr. John Michalski answered

Specializes in Orthopedic Surgery

MRI knee: Sounds like you need to discuss it with your orthopedic surgeon. It may or may not be a significant new tear. There may be other issues of arthritis, etc. That may be causing your pain.

Answered 11/16/2012


Dr. Brian Sabb answered

Specializes in Sports Medicine

They're not uncommo: Meniscal tears are common. When you say you had another tear on the "other side", i think you are referring to the medial versus lateral meniscus as opposed to right versus left side. This additional tear may or may not be causing your symptoms. The best way to know is to be evaluated by an orthopaedic surgeon familiar with knee problems. Your original surgeon may be a good place to start.

Answered 10/3/2016


Dr. Peter Nefcy answered

Specializes in Radiology

Not uncommon: Like many parts of the body, the knee is a complex structure with small tolerances. When you have meniscal repair on one side of the knee, this may produce some slight mechanical changes in the knee with walking and other activities which can result in additional stress on the other side of the knee. This stress may also produce another meniscal tear. Discuss the findings with your Doctor.

Answered 9/16/2014



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