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After thyroid surgery, the amount of calcium get decreased.what are the food need to include for getting this balanced?

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Dairy products.: If the calcium in your blood decreased after thyroid surgery this usually means there is damage or removal of the parathyroid glands. Tests should be done to confirm this. If this happened you may need to take a special form of vitamin d, calcitriol, and enough dairy products such as milk and/or calcium supplements to keep the blood calcium normal.

Answered 3/8/2015



Should resolve: After thyroid surgery you can shock your Parathyroid glands which may cause a short period of hypocalcemia. This can be treated with calcium carbinate (tums) or dairy products like milk. The transient hypocalcemia should resolve once the parathyroid glands recover, UNLESS they were mistakenly removed. You should also get your calcium levels checked by a doctor.

Answered 10/4/2015



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