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Considering asking doc about deep peroneal nerve block, possibly future ablation. considerations? oa "hook" may be irritating nerve. avoiding surgery.

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Dr. Orrin Ailloni-Charas answered

Specializes in Anesthesiology

I'm not sure: Why you would ablate a nerve instead of removing an osteophytic growth that is causing irritation. Surgery to remove the growth should be reasonably straight forward. Consult with an orthopedist or podiatrist.

Answered 9/21/2020


Dr. Mark Newman answered

Specializes in Anesthesiology

Deep peroneal block: I would be hesitant to consider a "permanent" type of block or ablation as long term deficits from a sensory and motor standpoint could result. Consultation with a pain fellowship trained md as well as an orthopedist regarding the "oa hook" would be the path i would recommend to begin.

Answered 12/6/2012



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