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I have osteoarthritis and bone spurs in my cervical spine and bulging discs in c-3 through c-6. will this require surgery to fix?

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Not always: Many people can have the same findings. Surgery is necessary in pnly a handful of these prople. It mainly depends on the neurologic involvement this'd to whether a decision for surgery is indicated. Your physician can help you determine whether surgery is necessary.

Answered 10/21/2012


Dr. William Newton answered

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Depends: The finding you listed are very common. Mris are very sensitive and pick up many abnormalities. Just remember that we treat patients, not mris. The main question is symptoms. The main indication for surgery on the neck is weakness or neurologic deficit. Pain is not the best indication for surgery and this may lead to dissatisfaction with the surgical outcomes.

Answered 7/31/2019



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