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I am 27yrs old female and my weight is 65kg. before 3years back have an abortion by pills and since 2yrs we are trying to concive but faild .in sonogrphy fibroid of 10mm and a cyst is found. other test such as lh fsh thyroid sugar level are normal

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Fertility: The small fibroid is only a problem if it's submucus. The cyst may be associated with an ovulation problem. Other causes can be male factor or tubal factors such as blockage or endometriosis.

Answered 1/23/2013



Ask the following...: 1. Are my tubes open and the uterine cavity clear. Is the fibroid in the way? --->do an hsg (x-ray) or sis(water contrast to better assess) 2. Weight can contribute to infertility-and associated with lower fertility- --->even with normal periods- losing 5-10% of current body weight can help with pregnancy! 3. Is this the same partner? If not-evaluate semen quality.

Answered 9/23/2016



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