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I had a ct of neck for throid issues and they saw a sm nodule on lung, then had a ct of lung no nodule seen. repeated neck ct nodule still there?

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Dr. Gaston Moran Celayes answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Small nodule: The thickness of the slices for thyroid and lung tissues are different. Therefor, if a nodule is very small it can be seen in one ct but not in the other. I won't be too much worried about it but talk to your physician if you need another type of study or a high-resolution ct scan of the chest.

Answered 4/24/2016


Dr. Barry Sheppard answered

Specializes in Thoracic Surgery

Radiologist Review: Having a radiologist review the studies should provide an answer as to why it isn't seen on the lung ct scan. The thickness of the slices (how the scan was set up) may be the answer if the nodule is very small.

Answered 1/5/2019



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