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Can a low calorie diet can slow down weight loss?

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No: A low-calorie diet speeds up weight loss. If a person eats fewer calories than he needs to live on each day, his body will use the stored fuel (fat). If a person exercises more than he did before, but does not start eating more calories, then his body will also use up the stored fat. The only way a low calorie diet can possibly slow weight loss is if it somehow stopped a person from exercising.

Answered 9/19/2011



Low calorie diet: Low calorie diets are 800-1000cal/day with small meals every 2-3 hours r very effective. People consuming fewer than this may decrease their resting metabolism rate over time since too few calories appears like starvation, causing the body to slow its metabolism rate. Weight loss centers measure resting metabolism rate to help develop a program right for your metabolism & monitor muscle loss.

Answered 2/23/2012



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