A member asked:

Can endometriosis come back?

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Dr. Michael Traub answered

Specializes in Fertility Medicine

YES: It is a chronic condition. So it gets better and worse and varies over time. It can get worse even after surgery. It really requires a combination of medical and surgical therapy over time.

Answered 2/24/2018


Dr. Alfredo Nieves answered

Specializes in Gynecology

Yes: Endometriosis is a chronic condition for which we do not have a cure but we can treat. If the initial surgery did not remove all the endometriosis then we have a persistent disease, but if the initial surgery removed all the visible endometriosis and symptoms recur we called it recurrence of disease.

Answered 9/28/2016



Sometimes: Endometriosis is a progressive condition. This means that it tries to grow or come back, even after effective treatment with surgery or medication. Fortunately, it typically stops progression after menopause or removal of both ovaries.

Answered 8/3/2016



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