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Everytime my boyfriend eats he gags he can harldy ever finish his food. is this signs of a tumor? whats wrong with him?

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Swallowing disorder: Choking on food on a consistent basis is a sign of a swallowing disorder. The disorder could be due to a tumor in his esophagus or some other sort of esophageal or throat problem that is not tumor related; there are several possibilities. He should see a doctor to figure it out. He will need to have tests done - a barium swallow (a kind of xray) and looking down his throat with a scope.

Answered 10/3/2016


Dr. Daniel Sudilovsky answered

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Many possible causes: This could be from any of a wide variety of causes. While cancer of the throat or esophagus are possible, many other benign causes are more common (especially in a younger age group). A vivist to an md for an exam is in order.

Answered 8/18/2013



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