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How do most kids of divorce view their stepsiblings?

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Dr. Ernest Bordini answered

Specializes in Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology

Varies: Stepfamilies can be complicated, and relationships with step-sibs can be hard at first - there may be competition, jealousy, or simply fear and insecurity. Reactions may also depend on family dynamics and the personality traits of the sibs. Some gow strong bonds, and just as with real sibs, some are more distant or dont get along. Age where families merge and age of sibs also plays a role.

Answered 5/14/2016


Dr. Arthur Ciaramicoli answered

Specializes in Clinical Psychology

Divorce: Initially they often feel awkward and afraid of sharing their parents. If over time step siblings are exposed to each other in reasonable doses with respect for their feelings and the difficulty of the adjustment, relationships can work out and actually be an advantage to each child's growth. Best.

Answered 10/15/2017



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