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29/f woke up one morning with tender pointer finger tip. there is a hard knot on side of top knuckle, like bone. what could this be? been over 3 weeks

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Dr. Csaba Magassy answered

Specializes in Plastic Surgery

IP joint ganglion: More likely it is a joint fluid extrusion, also known as a ganglion....A needle extraction and cortisone shot will probably take care of the problem..Otherwise it will become a surgical procedure

Answered 5/2/2015


Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim answered

Specializes in Urgent Care

Could be: An infection of some sort. Finger tip infections can happen given a history of trauma or foreign body. If your knuckle bone is hard and swollen some people will develop arthritis. Best to get checked by your doctor for a more complete history and exam.

Answered 5/31/2017


Dr. Erin Robertson answered

Specializes in General Practice

No way to know: You need eyes on that finger, a real exam. Is this joint inflammation, or nearby para-viral derm issue? Not a typical site for bacterial joint infection. Keep an eye on it. If you don't have allergies to NSAIDS/aspirin, an OTC Ibuprofen may help. If it is persistent, comes & goes, if other joints get involved, if you get a rash or GI symptoms, consider seeing doc for x-rays & autoimmune w/u.

Answered 11/25/2014



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