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Clear cxr, 25yrs old, 9packhistory,quit2mnthsago,coughed up small amount of blood,doc says lungs sound clear, clear throat alot,lung cancer??

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Dr. John Munshower answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Blood: At 25yo it would be unlikely to have lung cancer, but none-the-less, truly coughing up blood is something that needs to be evaluated further. A simple Chest-Xray would be recommended to assure all is well. Congrats on the Smoking cessation! Keep it up-Do not go back to smoking and get checked out. Best wishes.

Answered 11/25/2014


Dr. Donald Alves answered

Specializes in Emergency Medicine

House cleaning: Your body is, that is, but your usual environment might need it too. After stopping smoking, can easily take 6-12 months for the lungs to expel all the 'ick' (medical word) built up in them (tar/soot/etc.), so can see this for a while. Vaporizer can help if gets bad / irritated. If your living area still smells like an ashtray, helps to wash down / clean / ventilate for lungs and will power.

Answered 5/16/2018



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