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Do babies have to get vaccinated?

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Dr. Melissa Gowans answered

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Have to?Not necess..: esarily.There are parents who "opt out" for religious reasons etc. If it's just a personal preference you may run into trouble when it comes time to start school. I can't imagine why a parent wouldn't vaccinate their child against an illness that could potentially be fatal for them. Discuss with your pediatrician before you make a decision.

Answered 11/7/2014



Depends: If you want them to live the vulnerable lives kids had in the 1700's & opt out,you should walk through an old grave yard & look at all the small headstones.Progress in vaccinations is one of the greatest advances in health during the 20th century.As long as there is international air travel,your kids can be exposed to imported cases of disease from around the world.It is foolish to think otherwise

Answered 3/18/2021



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