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I have lupus recently i have been diagnosed with trace blood in urine. would this more likely be a urology or nephrology issue?

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Dr. William Lages answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine - Rheumatology

Ask M.D..: Ask the Rheumatologist treating you. It could be due to several causes, some may be trivial. Good luck

Answered 7/12/2020


Dr. Carrie Cannon answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Lupus first: I would rule out nephrology issuew connected with SLE with other studies such as renal function and urinary microscopy first. Having said that, people do have two different disease processes and ruling out renal stones, especially if there is a family history and other urinary tract issues is also important.

Answered 7/12/2020


Dr. Atul Singh answered

Specializes in Nephrology and Dialysis

Nephrology : I would suggest seeing a nephrologist first and get a full work up if the kidneys are involved due to SLE. The nephrologist in most cases will determine if a urology input is needed.

Answered 5/8/2016


Dr. answered

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Hematuria: Hi Natty, considering your history, i would see your primary care doctor or your rheumatologist first. They can do imaging which can determine whether this is from a kidney stone or something else. Urinary tract infections can cause this as well. However, with lupus, nephritis is common and a nephrologist would be appropriate for that. Hope that helps.

Answered 7/21/2016



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