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Mri shows disc protrusion at l5-s1. mod. central spinal canal stenosis throughout l spine.mod degrees of neural forminal stenosis at l4-5 an esp l5-s1?

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Dr. Ali Saberi answered

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Degenarative disks: the cartilage disks that cushion vertrebrae, (which are the bones protecting the spinal cord), have degenarated. usually from wear - tear, the central portion loses water, which causes outer portions to bulge out and press upon surrounding nerve structures. the foramina are tiny holes from which nerves exit the spinal canal which is main space spine sits within vertebral cage. Tends to cause pain

Answered 12/28/2018


Dr. Ki-Hon Lin answered

Specializes in Orthopedic Surgery

Common: These are common findings in the spine which result from aging changes in the spine. A disc protrusion is nothing to worry about in most cases, esp if there are no associated pinched nerves. Stenosis refers to pinched nerves, and the associated symptoms in most cases can be treated conservatively with therapy, short courses of medications, and spinal injections.

Answered 9/23/2017



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