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I have severe bruising 24 hours after juvederm lip injections.. what will help most to speed healing. arnica gel, bromelain pills, heat or cold packs?

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Dr. Ronald Krauser answered

Specializes in Rheumatology

Time: You need time to heal. The other issues have little value at this point.

Answered 11/28/2017


Dr. Alexander Blinski answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

24hrs after injection: The lips are very vascular. Bruising is a common side effect. I recommend no anti-inflammatories, lots of ice, and no alcohol consumption. Arnica and vitamin K gels can help speed up the process along with antioxidant serums. You can always discuss with your injector as IPL has also been shown to speed up recovery. Hope you enjoy your new lips

Answered 5/3/2017


Dr. Suzanne Galli answered

Specializes in ENT and Head and Neck Surgery

Swelling/filler: Swelling after injections is not unheard off. Follow your injectors post procedure instructions which may include using a cool compress.

Answered 3/8/2017



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