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I have a mesh due to double inguinal (groin) hernia and would like to know if liposuction can be done for a mild case of belly and lower back fat?

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Dr. Marc Goldhagen answered

Specializes in Occupational Medicine

Should be ok: The best person to ask is the plastic surgeon who you chose to do the procedure. The mesh should be lower than the abdominal fat and should not be an issue.

Answered 10/24/2017


Dr. Adam Smith answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Not a Good Idea: Liposuction is a relatively superficial procedure but I would not advise it in an area of prior surgery. To the larger issue of liposuction itself, as a general internist I tend to encourage preventive measures before any type of surgical intervention. If you are interested in learning about how small changes in your diet can reduce belly fat, watch the documentary Forks Over Knives on Netflix.

Answered 6/30/2014



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