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Period was 2 days early only bled the first 2 days then spotting for 5 days and still going. normal period is only 3-4 days so why am i still spotting

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Dr. Elizabeth Baker answered

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This is common: When your body has an irregular or early period, you will often have a lighter, heavier, or more spotty period than normal. This is also common if you are ill, taking a new medication such as birth control, or stressed. It can also happen if you are pregnancy, so if you are worried, take a pregnancy test. See your doctor if the period irregularity persists.

Answered 6/28/2014


Dr. Ayyaz Shah answered

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Period: It's possible you have Luteal Phase or Progesterone Deficiency along with Estrogen Dominance. You may be having Estrogen breakthrough bleeding as the endometrium may not have had a a sufficient secretory period of Progesterone to prime the uterus for a nice even flow. You should visit your doctor for further evaluation if this continues or does not improve.

Answered 6/30/2014



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