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What are the treatment options fo stage 3 copd?my oxygen saturation levels are between 92 & 98, what causes my shortenss of breath even though i have "normal" oxygen levels?

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COPD: COPD is a pulmonary condition where there is obstruction of the passage of air through the airways as a result of damage to the lung tissue. Most commonly caused by tobacco smoking. Other reasons also included. What really determines the function of your lungs is a pulmonary function test and not necessarily oxygen saturation. Tx options: albuterol, ipatropium, tiotropium, combo of inhaled meds.

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Shortness of breath.: Your shortness of breath could be caused by an increase work of breathing. Because of the COPD, you may be working harder in order to achieve a normal oxygen level. You sense this increased work of breathing as shortness of breath. Also, if your oxygen level decreases with activity, this may lead to shortness of breath and requires oxygen therapy. A 6 minute walk test may help in diagnosis.

Answered 11/8/2015



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