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I have adderall, xanax, (alprazolam) alcohol, and nicotine addiction - how best to quit?

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Dr. Brian Lynch answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Multiple addictions: To begin with you mentioned two legitimate therapeutic drugs and then two social drugs that you're addicted to. Booze ; nicotine are both serious addictions but both have very different approaches. Too much to go into here. Adderall and xanax (alprazolam) are very different drugs. If they're being prescribed legitimately you need to talk to your doctor and be honest. Good luck again much too much cover.

Answered 4/9/2016


Dr. Samuel Bayles answered

Specializes in Child Psychiatry

Inpatient: consider inpatient substance abuse treatment. speak with an addictionologist for specific recommendations. xanax (alprazolam) and alcohol can have dangerous and complicated withdrawal. do not stop them cold turkey without medical care and monitoring. you might be best served by a medical detox then inpatient rehab. get help, life can be much much better.

Answered 8/11/2014



See a specialist: In addiction treatment. The alcohol and Alprazolam need specialized treatment in order for you to safely withdraw. Adderal can simply be stopped, and there are many ways to stop smoking. There are many chemical dependency treatment programs and your access depends on your resources, insurance etc. www.asam.org and www.Aaap.Org can give you names of addiction physicians in your area.

Answered 4/3/2015



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