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Gilbert, AZ
A 62-year-old female asked:

saw doc yesterday about sore throat and canker, said virus.last night one eye irritation, conjunctiva red, watering all night-eyelashes little stuck together.conjunctivitis?how to treat or see reg doc?

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Dr. Robert Killian
General Practice 28 years experience
Flu Season: This is very common and is usually just part of the viral illness. If it is worsening, then yes, a visit at the family clinic may be indicated.
Dr. Richard Bensinger
Ophthalmology 52 years experience
Likely to be virus: You have described the classic findings of viral conjunctivitis. As long as there is not frank pus and minimal disturbance of the vision, you can 'treat' it by keeping it clean and waiting for your natural immunity to get rid of the virus. Antibiotics do not affect virus infections (like the common cold). See a doctor only if the vision fades, there is pain or much pus.
Dr. Pamela Paulhus
A Verified Doctoranswered
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Sounds like it.: It's difficult to diagnose this without seeing the patient, but it does sound like it. Be sure you wash your hands well, and do your best to avoid rubbing the eye. Get to your doc asap for an evaluation and treatment plan. Hope you're feeling better soon.
Dr. Jon Fishburn
Ophthalmology 30 years experience
Conjunctivitis: Your symptoms definitely seem compatible with a viral syndrome also involving the eye (conjunctivitis). Try not to spread the virus to your other eye or others. Clean the secretions with a clean washcloth with warm water, and you may use artificial tears ; ocular decongestant like naphcon a™ for comfort. Also tylenol (acetaminophen) or advil and plenty of fluids and rest. Takes about 7 to 10 days to clear.

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A 34-year-old member asked:

My skin partially peeled off the bottom of my feet how can I prevent pain while walking?

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Dr. James Chen
Sports Medicine 15 years experience
Multi-layer dressing: Use sterile dressing and antibiotic ointment over the exposed skin to prevent infection and promote healing. Use a second layer of dressing or gauze. In between the first and second layer apply a lubricant such as vaseline or petroleum jelly. Secure those layers with a roll gauze and tape. All of this goes under your sock and should prevent pain when walking.
A 35-year-old member asked:

What is a 6 week old baby take for a stuffy nose and maybe a soar throat?

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Dr. Laura Webb
Pediatrics 13 years experience
No meds: Medications have not been proven successful at this age and pediatricians do not recommend any over the counter cough and cold medicines for kids under 6 years. For babies of this age a nasal aspirator can help remove the thick mucus in their noses- the blue bulb syringe can do the same. Humidification may also help. Most importantly keep them hydrated- increase the frequency of breastfeeding.
A 22-year-old member asked:

My 3 yr old have high fever, runny nose, vomiting, small rash on trunk, and is irritable.. Sister have fever but no vomiting.. Wht is this? Wht to do

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Dr. Pavel Conovalciuc
Family Medicine 23 years experience
Sounds like viral: Although, it does sound like a viral infection, 3 days of fever is the most concerning factor. Vomiting in the 3 year old is not good either as it may cause dehydration along with fever. I'd take him to the nearest er for a check up.
A 18-year-old member asked:

What are some home remedies for a bad cough/sore throat other than cough drops and salt water?

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Dr. Danny Proffitt
Family Medicine 43 years experience
Okay: Lemon and honey, cayenne pepper laced broths, peppermint extract in warm liquids, a little burbon with honey, perhaps cold liquids, ice creams, sorbets etc, hot lemonade (with a bit of bourbon), and I am sure there are a few herbals that can be used.
A 19-year-old member asked:

I suffer immensely from allergies. Itchy eyes.. Light sensitivity, blurred vision and rapid heart beat. I I don't know what i'm allergic to?

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Dr. Andrew Shatz
Ophthalmology 26 years experience
See an allergist: The symptoms you describe sound like allergies (except for the rapid heart beat). An allergist can teat you to determine what specific allergy you have. Additionally, you should have your primary care doctor evaluate your racing heart. In fact, this should be dealt with before the allergies are checked.

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Last updated Mar 27, 2014


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