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I am obese had baristruc surgery. just found out i have a slightly large heart, and ^ liver enzymes. i hurt my knee can i take an aleve (naproxen) w/said issues?

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Call your surgeon: This is a question you should ask of your bariatric surgeon, but I am pretty sure you are not supposed to take any nsaids following weight loss surgery. It depends on what sort of surgery you had though, so check in with your doctor. In the meantime, rest and use ice on your knee. Consider getting some acupuncture for it.

Answered 1/2/2014


Dr. Gregg Nishi answered

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NSAIDs : What type of bariatric surgery did you have? Gastric bypass? Lap band? Sleeve gastrectomy? The biggest concern is taking nsaids after a gastric bypass because it can cause you to form ulcers in your gastric pouch. If you do take nsaids, you should take a proton pump inhibitor like prevacid, (lansoprazole) prilosec, etc.

Answered 1/10/2015



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