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I'm having foggy/hazy vision 3 years after cataract surgery, what is wrong?

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Secondary cataract: Secondary cataract is a condition where the posterior capsule (the clear membrane behind the lens) becomes cloudy or scarred. Immediately after surgery this membrane is clear like seran wrap. The light passes through the pupil, then the new lens implant, then this clear membrane (posterior capsule). It can cloud like wax paper. A yag laser can be used to make a hole in this clouded membrane.

Answered 7/10/2020


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Post Cat Surgery: VA: Common Post Cataract Surgery Issues: need for glasses still for residual astigmatism/refractive error; need YAG laser due to PCO (Posterior Capsular Opacification: happens in 10-25% of patients): YAG laser helps decrease glare/streaks of light patients notice from PCO; more info at: eyedoc2020@blogspot.com

Answered 3/3/2016



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