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How long do you have to stay off your feet if your dislocated pinkie toe was reduced by a dr 48 hrs ago i'm on crutches and i'm in a lot of pain.

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Dr. James Burns answered

Specializes in Emergency Medicine

May walk: In stiff soled, or post-op shoe with toes taped together. Would elevate quite a bit the first few days and use cold compresses for swelling. Will get better. Hang in there...

Answered 12/17/2013


Dr. Jeffery VanYperen answered

Specializes in Podiatry

That's gonna hurt: A dislocated pinky toe would be accompanied by significant ligament damage. Ligaments take a long time to heal (4-8 weeks). If it's only been 48 hours, you are still going to have throbbing and inflammation for at least a week or two--elevation, ice, and anti-inflammatory medication will help. You can bear some weight, but a flat post-op shoe will protect it more than a normal shoe.

Answered 12/18/2013



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