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Been to dr at least 6 times for swollon lymph nodes in neck and groin. all say they are "shotty nodes". now i found another node in my armpit. cancer?

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Dr. Ed Friedlander answered

Specializes in Pathology

Cancer is scary: All men your age have some palpable lymph nodes. If this was cancer, it would be one of the malignant lymphomas and you'd know you are seriously sick as the nodes would enlarge greatly or you'd feel terrible. However, I have a sense that you do have symptoms, and the next step might be testing for infectious mono, toxo, CMV and hiv; if you can find a surgeon to biopsy a node, it's your option.

Answered 5/3/2018


Dr. Sewa Legha answered

Specializes in Medical Oncology

Why so many times?: If you had cancer in your lymph glands, they would have continued to enlarge, leading your doctor to do a biopsy. Unless the lymph nodes are growing and become bigger than 1.5 to 2cm(one inch), it is hard to think of them as cancerous(normal nodes can be palpable as you have felt them yourself). Please quit feeling for them as it only makes you more nervous and anxious. Get checked 1-2 times/yr.

Answered 6/12/2021



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