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What should i do if i have c5-c6-c7 disc prolapse and neck is so stiff, also a disc bulge in l4-l5 l5-s1 levels, i am from india?

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Dr. James Cole answered

Specializes in Orthopedic Spine Surgery

Avoid surgery: For axial neck and low back pain, and young age we rec avoiding surgery. You need to first exhaust muscle rehab balancing the extensor and flexor muscles of both the low back and neck area. Over the counter nsaids are next. If you have nerve pain in the arm or legs then you need to see a specialist and discuss the options.

Answered 12/8/2013



Bulging discs: Bulging, or herniated discs, typically resorb over time. Treatment varies based on the severity of pain and whether you have any neurologic deficit. Treatment can consist of physical therapy and medications or possibly epidural steroid injections or discectomy for very severe pain.

Answered 1/4/2014


Dr. Qamar Khan answered

Specializes in Pain Management

Stretch and Exercise: At your age, i would suggest stretching out and working in strengthening your cores muscles. Take some anti-inflammatories around the clock for the next few days. If you do not improve after a few days, i would consider evaluation by your doctor for further testing and treatment options like epidural steroid injections.

Answered 3/30/2019



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