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A 45-year-old member asked:

How badly will a root canal hurt?

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Dr. R Lee Hinson
Dentistry 39 years experience
The procedure : Should be relatively painless. Soreness after root canal therapy (and after anesthesia has resolved) is frequent but usually mild and short term. Pain medications will help. Society has developed a mind set that root canals are painful and the misconception is difficult to conquer! let your dentist explain the process and help moderate any concern you have with the anticipation of pain. Good luck!
Dr. Paul Grin
Pain Management 37 years experience
Painless: Fortunately, with Modern Dentistry, the root canal treatment t procedure, regardless molar or a front tooth, is painless. Good luck.
Dr. Debra Rosenblatt
Dentistry 39 years experience
See dentist ASAP: Root canal therapy is normally treated with local anesthesia. If needed, ask your dentist to prescibe a sedative or use nitrous oxide in addition to the local. If the tooth is not infected, this should be adequate. If an infection is evident, an antibiotic will be prescribed.
Dr. John Thaler
Prosthodontics 42 years experience
Depends: If you are starting with a badly infected tooth, there is likely going to be a bit more tenderness, as it may be more difficult to get adequate anesthesia due to the infection.Talk with your Endodontist about this before starting. We have excellent anesthetics , so most often there is little or no pain. If tooth not infected, then virtually no pain more often than not, in the hands of a specialist
Dr. Arnold Malerman
Orthodontics 54 years experience
May also be as a result of tooth or gum infection.
Feb 13, 2015

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A 34-year-old member asked:

Will a root canal hurt?

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Dr. Steven Koos
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 22 years experience
Proper Local: Anesthesia will prevent the procedure form causing any pain and you will be given appropriate analgesic pain medication afterwards as well to manage any discomfort.
A 36-year-old member asked:

How badly wills a root canal procedure hurt?

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Dr. John Yu
Dr. John Yuanswered
Endodontics 17 years experience
Not much: Don't believe what other people tell you. I have so many patients that tell me after i had performed the procedures that they have absolutely no pain. Make sure you find someone that can work with your pain tolerance and are sensitive to your need. For patients that are extremely anxious I use oral sedation as an adjunct. Talk to your dentist and obtain a referral to an endodontist if warranted.
A 32-year-old member asked:

Will a root canal hurt after taking antiboitics?

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Dr. Theodore Davantzis
Dentistry 41 years experience
It could: An infection may still be brewing, even after antibiotics. The tooth may also have a fracture.
A 36-year-old member asked:

How much does a root canal hurt ?

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Dr. Danni Sayman
19 years experience
Zero: almost never hurts. Sometimes depending of the specific situation may hurt but professionally done by a specialist there are less chances for pain
Bronx, NY
A 19-year-old female asked:

Does a root canal hurt ?

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Dr. Robert Douglas
Orthodontics 52 years experience
No: your dentist will completely anesthetize (deaden) your tooth and then remove the pulp (red in this image). S/he will then sterilize the canal and seal it. You will then get a filling or crown and go on as if nothing ever happened. Despite the jokes root canal therapy (RCT) is a wonderful way of saving teeth that would otherwise have to be pulled.

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