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Can acid reflux make food go way up in throat? "burped" up cereal :/ slightly nauseated. i had egd only showed gastritis no h.pylori , advice please

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Yes.: By definition, reflux means that stomach contents regurgitate back up the esophagus, and can go as far as your mouth and throat. Gastritis occurs, with or without h. Pylori, and can cause pain from the acid produced. Acid reducing agents can alleviate the irritation, and sleeping slightly inclined can prevent acid burn to the esophagus. Sometimes, surgery is necessary to repair the reflux.

Answered 6/26/2020


Dr. James Marx answered

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Yes: Generally, the problem is a hiatal hernia. An upper GI x-ray with barium or gastrograffin where you are put in various positions can confirm whether or not you have this condition. There are a number of solutions from raising the head of your bed to various surgical or endoscopic procedures that may help. You may still need a ppi like Prilosec or Nexium (esomeprazole) after the procedure. See your doctor.

Answered 6/30/2014



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