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I have an extreme sunburn. i am on roacutane, 20mg. a week ago i was burnt, skin blistered. now skin is leathery and started peeling. is this normal?

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Dr. Thomas Rohde answered

Specializes in Anti-Aging Medicine

Normal yes: Unfortunately Accutane sun sensitizes to quite a degree and makes any burn far worse. We recommend minimal sun exposure when our patients are on it, and then only with significant sunscreen. The peeling will be worse as the burn was worse. Bad for long term skin aging and also skin cancer risk in older age - always avoid burns at all costs.

Answered 10/24/2017


Dr. Kevin Windisch answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

Sort of: Severe sun burns can result in permenant skin damage resulting in wrinkling and skin cancers. This is a particular concern when on acutane. See http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=xrfaj3wssis to lear a little more about sun burn.

Answered 11/16/2012



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