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How long will it take to heal my sunburn on nose? day0: redness day1:minor blisters day2: no blister wrinkly and small pimple like things is rough day3: peeling skin any idea on how long it would take? is it a 1or 2 degree burn? thanks?

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considering your data, the process of healing might take another few days to become healed. Next time, make sure that you use the proper sun protection and sunscreens PRIOR to exposing yourself to the sun.

Answered 7/13/2021


Dr. Christine Hom answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

The peeling skin suggests that the damaged skin is lifting off. Be careful to protect this delicate area from the sun now that it is injured. This sounds like a mild sunburn, but it is annoying and should be preventable with sunblock and a hat.

Answered 7/16/2021



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