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My 7 yrs old has enlarged adenoids. his ent has given him nasonex (mometasone) spray for 2 months two times. after treatment he stopped snoring. but he starts snoring again after couple of weeks after stop med.

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Temporary effects: The nasal steroid only works while you use it. The steroid shrinks the inflamed tissue and stops the turbulent airflow that causes the snoring.

Answered 5/23/2016


Dr. Anna Meyer answered

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can choose: First, if he is snoring but otherwise sleeping well and not having problems during the day, then it may be ok for him to snore. Adenoids shrink from steroids about 50% of the time. When they swell again this is usually from allergy. If he is having snoring and bedwetting, daytime tiredness, behavior or concentration problems, options are to keep him on the nasonex, (mometasone) to have the adenoids removed.

Answered 5/27/2016



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