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is it okay to take xanax with a concussion

A 34-year-old female asked:
Dr. Paul Grin
Dr. Paul Grin answered
35 years experience in Pain Management
Post-traumatic HA: The post-traumatic headache may mimic any of the primary headache disorders such as migraine, tth or even cluster. The headache is usually constant an ... Read More
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A 27-year-old male asked:
Dr. Addagada Rao
55 years experience in General Surgery
Why do you need it: ' 5 dys of mild concussion ' you don't need any medication .
A 49-year-old female asked:
Dr. Donald Jacobson
39 years experience in Psychiatry
Talk to your doctor: You need to talk to your physician about this. There is only limited data on the safety of once a week or twice a week dosing of xanax (alprazolam) an ... Read More
A 52-year-old member asked:
Dr. Michelle Zetoony
17 years experience in Sleep Medicine
Probably: There is not a definite concern about taking both together. If you have another sleep problem, the two (especially together) could mask a significant ... Read More
A 42-year-old member asked:
Dr. Jeffrey Oppenheimer
36 years experience in Neurosurgery
No: No such a good idea to take a drug in the phenothiazine family after head injury as it lowers seizure threshold. Wait a couple if months.
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A 22-year-old male asked:
Dr. Harold Fields
60 years experience in Family Medicine
Yes: Yes, there is no reason to stop
A member asked:
Dr. Ronald Krauser
51 years experience in Rheumatology
Yes: yes it is
A 30-year-old female asked:
Dr. Charlene Sojico
40 years experience in Pediatrics
It is best : Not to take any medications that will alter mental status!
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A 49-year-old female asked:
Dr. Krishna Kumar
54 years experience in Psychiatry
Medication effects: Dimenhydrinate is used to treat allergies, Citalopram is used to treat depression. It is ok to take to take Citalopram with Dimenhydrinate. Let the ... Read More
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A female asked:
Dr. Yash Khanna
56 years experience in Family Medicine
YesButIncreaseDrowsy: Narco is a narcotic pain med,contains Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen,both are for pain.And Robaxin is a muscle relaxant.Only think you have to be caref ... Read More
A 53-year-old member asked:
Dr. Robert Kent
11 years experience in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Yes, but not: Recommended. Both can cause respiratory suppression and sedation and often found to be co-contributors in overdose situations. If you need to take bot ... Read More
A 54-year-old member asked:
Dr. William Harris
32 years experience in Family Medicine
No.: Vicodin is a narcotic, which is a sedative and may contribute to respiratory sedation. Alprazolam has the same action, but is a benzodiazepine. This ... Read More
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A 26-year-old male asked:
Dr. Stuart Hickerson
31 years experience in Family Medicine
Possible: Benadryl can increase the serum concentration of Adderall, because it can effect hepatic enzyme CYP2D6. However, the interaction is described as non-s ... Read More
A 25-year-old male asked:
Dr. Pierre Moeser
Specializes in Rheumatology
More sleepy: While the combination is not deadly And can be used, some individuals react strongly to cyclobenzaprine and feel tired and sleepy. If you have an unde ... Read More
A 23-year-old male asked:
Dr. Eric Weisman
35 years experience in Neurology
Concussion: requires medical evaluation. If it is determined that it is safe to sleep without periodic assessments (neuro checks) you are good to go. One should ... Read More
A female asked:
Dr. Jeffrey Levine
30 years experience in Family Medicine
Not w/o ur Dr's okay: Tramadol and lorazepam are both very sedating and potentially addictive medications. It is not okay to take them together unless specifically instruc ... Read More
A 42-year-old female asked:
Dr. Heidi Fowler
24 years experience in Psychiatry
Yes: I found no interactions between xanax (alprazolam) and Claritin using a drug interaction checker. Take care.
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A female asked:
Dr. Jonathan Jassey
16 years experience in Pediatrics
Meds: Yes it is
A 32-year-old member asked:
Dr. Danny Proffitt
42 years experience in Family Medicine
Drug interactions: It is usually best to take vitamins away from important or critical medications. Depending on the vitamin, it may contain agents that will bind the d ... Read More
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A 32-year-old female asked:
Dr. Rashid Khan
32 years experience in Internal Medicine
Yes: Yes it is safe to take tramadol if you have high blood pressure.
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A 31-year-old male asked:
Dr. Joseph Weiner
41 years experience in Psychiatry
Maybe: Both xanax [alprazolam] and cyclobenzaprine can have sedating side effects. It is possible that it's safe to take cyclobenzaprine a couple of hours a ... Read More
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A 42-year-old male asked:
Dr. Seth Kunen
44 years experience in Clinical Psychology
Probably, but: There is some concern that individuals who take xanax (alprazolam) regularly w/ wellbutrin & abruptly stop the xanax (alprazolam) may increase seizure ... Read More
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A member asked:
Dr. John Rhoades
47 years experience in Family Medicine
Yes: that should be fine

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