Prolia inyection for osteoporosis and side effects?

Not much. That is statistically different from placebo, though everything under the sun has been reported it is hard to link it to the drug. The one side effect that is different by about2% is infection, do I would not give it to a compromised person or one who had an acting infection. The debate ove osteonecrosis of the jaw continues on.
Not much. That is static tally different from placebo. Everything under the sun hs been reported but it is hard to pin it to the drug. . Infection might be important with about a 2% higher rate than placebo, sp i would not use it in one with active infection or. Compromised. Osteonecrosis debate of the jaw continues with all bisphpsphonates.
Osteoporosis. Your question is not clear to me. Please restate and give more detail so we can help you.

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I have osteoporosis in high risk category. Any alternative to Prolia injections or oral Biphosphonates due to side effects. I don't like taking meds?

Choices are many`. Osteoporosis simply reflects a thinning of the bones. There is little chance of a spontaneous fracture of your wrist, rib, spine or hip in the absence of a fall or trauma. Oral and injectable agents can improve your bone density and slightly reduce the risks of such fractures. Staying in shape is also a way to reduce falls/fractures. An exercise program is highly recommended. Read more...

Why are prolia and raloxifene considered by some to be better alternatives to the other treatments for osteoporosis and are the side effects common?

Alternatives. They are bisphosophonate alternatives. These (boniva, fosamax) are the most common medications prescribed for osteoporosis data. Fracture data is excellent but they are difficult to monitor in the sense that they do not actually increase the density of bone. Bisphosophates bind to bone matrix and strengthen it. The side effects (atypical fracture, reflux, kidney issues), can create concern . Read more...
Raloxifene. For high risk women for brast cancer, Raloxifene has been shown to have protective effect. Read more...