What is the resting heart rate for an athlete?

Normal vs Abnormal. In normal adults a resting heart rate of 60-80 is common. Deconditioning can lead to faster rates while conditioned athletes can have heart rates in the 40-60 range. Olympic sports athletes may have heart rates in the 30's.

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My normal resting heart rate is around 60. Why is it sometimes down at 52? Once it was even 48. I am a non athlete.

Vagotonia. It may due to vagotonia. If u have no symptoms- don't worry, otherwise see u r md.
Variable = normal. Heart rate is variable throughout the day, your life and in many different situations. There is no such thing as a static normal heart rate. Normal exists as a range depending on what activities you have engaged in. Emotions, physical activity and diet can influence your heart rate throughout the day.

Reason for a higher than expected resting heart rate in an athlete? Mine is about 80-95. used to be in the 60's? I drink tons of water

Fast pulse. That is an abnormally rapid resting heart rate for a healthy young person. Causes include overactive thyroid, fever, anemia, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, anxiety, cardiac arrhythmias and certain stimulant medications. I recommend an evaluation by your physician and appropriate tests will be ordered.

If someone was a fit athlete and had a low resting heart rate of say 30 and had a pacemaker for any reason to make it 60 what would happen?

That's too low. Even for a fit athlete, a resting heart rate of 30 is just too slow. The HR in an elite athlete may dip into the mid-40s, but any lower would make me think that there's some pathology in the rhythm system of the heart for which a pacemaker might actually be required. With this HR, is there any lightheadedness, shortness of breath, passing out?