Can I take birth control while breastfeeding?

Yes. Certain forms of hormonal birth control can decrease your milk supply and aren't recommended for breastfeeding mothers. However there are some progestin-only forms of birth control (pills, injections and iuds) that shouldn't affect your supply. Talk to your OB about what method might be right for you.
No. Moms breastfeeding young babies are recommended to use other birth control instead of oral contraceptives, in case the small amount of contraceptive hormone in the breastmilk can cause changes in a baby. After a baby is several months old, a doctor might approve a breastfeeding mom to take birth control pills (usually the progestin-only pills), if she cannot use another form of contraception.

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Can I take birth control pills while breastfeeding?

Yes. During breastfeeding, you can use progesterone-only birth control pills. You should avoid estrogen containing pills because they can decrease your milk supply. Other Progesterone only forms of contraception that are useful postpartum are depo-provera, the Implanon implant, and the levonorgesterol iud.
No. Don't take any with estrogen as they may decrease your milk supply. Take the minipill or other progesterone-only methods.
Yes. You will need to specifically ask for Progesterone only birth control pills sometimes called the minipill. Other birth control pills contain Progesterone and estrogen which can decrease your milk supply by about 30%.

Can I take the birth control pill while breastfeeding?

Sometimes. If you are taking a Progesterone only birth control pill, you should be able to take that while nursing. Best to check with your doctor and get his/her advice.

Do I still need to take birth control if I am breastfeeding?

Maybe. When you are exclusively breast-feeding in the first 6 months- no supplemental feedings (of formula or food), feeding every 4 hours, and before your period returns, lactation/ breast feeding can be effective for birth control if used consistently. If you are not following these rules, using birth control is a good idea.

In your opinion, what birth control should I take while breastfeeding and why?

Confusing stuff. Some say all hormonal methods are safe. Some worry about estrogen in the dual type reducing quan/qual of milk, etc. Non-hormonal methods are safe for sure, but may be used unreliably. Talk with your partner and drs. Mostly don't worry & enjoy your baby.

Can I take the birth control mononessa even tho im not breastfeeding?

Yes. One can take birth control when one is not breast-feeding. Birth control is used every day by millions of women across the globe who are not breast-feeding.
Shouldn't. There are birth control pills intended for nursing moms. Mononessa is not one of them. While it would probably be ok, there are better pills to use during nursing. Specifically one of the progestin only pills would be preferred. Talk to your doctor.

4 weeks pp, breastfeeding, recently hadHe didn't cum inside me, I've taken 3 days of birth control including today. Can I take plan b?

Yes. Use over the counter Plan B if intercourse was within 72 hours to decrease the risk of unplanned pregnancy. Since you just started birth control 3 days ago this is a good idea.

When can I take my first birth control pill after I stop breastfeeding?

Anytime. After stop your breastfeeding, you may resume ovulation soon. If you do not want to conceive, taking bcp is good option. Since you do not know when you will resume your menstrual period, it is ok to start bcp at anytime. It will help your period to starts after you taking the placebo pills.