Is 67 a low beta hCG 9 days after a 5 day blastocyst tansfer? Ivf.

No. There is no specific initial HCG level that is considered normal. Most reproductive endocrinologists like a level of 50 or more miu/ml. Most importantly HCG repeated 2-3 days latter should double, in your case 130-140miu/ml. Best whishes.
Slightly. The first HCG level after ivf embryo transfer gives only a rough idea of success. I agree that the range is wide and that the trend may be more informative. Let me share that one of my nurses had a first value of 5.2 and delivered her son! higher values can be misleading too (multiples, later miscarriage) so stay balanced. Your value is within the normal range and you should be cautiously hopeful.
Broad range. There is a broad range of normal values for HCG in early pregnancy, and overlap between normal and abnormal levels. Embryos vary in when they implant, fresh or frozen, by morphology, whether there are multiples, and their growth rates. Rather than relying on an absolute value, the change over two days is a better indicator of health. An increase of 65% over two days is can be normal.