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Dr. Michael Opsahl

Fertility Medicine
Kirkland, WA
43 years experience male


Poma Fertility

Kirkland, WA


12039 NE 128th Street, Suite 110, Kirkland, WA

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Wednesday: 7:30am - 4:00pm
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Poma Fertility’s motto is “Creating Life is Beautiful” because it expresses the combination of working together with people, science, technology and the miracle of life. I started Poma Fertility with Klaus Wiemer PhD, with the purpose of providing high quality care at an affordable price. We address the financial difficulties of accessing high tech infertility care without insurance for more people. We believe we have a solution for most people including what we believe to be the lowest regional IVF cycle prices and the best priced Refund Warranty program (PomaCare). Our practice also embraces family building for everyone including the LGBT community, single women, fertility preservation and family balancing gender selection. Our staff offers a smaller boutique-like environment where you will see your doctor, where you have 24 hour access to your medical information through a web-based HIPPA-compliant portal. We provide our services on-time with virtually no waiting. Personal Information I am an infertility specialist and board certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. I have practice medicine for 35 years, which has provided me with invaluable experience that I can use to assist people trying to build or expand their families. I retired after 20 years serving our Navy families in 1994. I spent 10 years with a very progressive infertility team at Genetics & IVF Institute. I helped found (with Dr Wiemer and 2 others) Northwest Center for Reproductive Sciences in Kirkland WA. Dr Wiemer and I started our new clinic in Kirkland WA called Poma Fertility. Dr Wiemer and I previously achieved outstanding IVF outcomes at NCRS and we continue that tradition at Poma with a renewed emphasis on high quality outcomes, customer service, and exceptionally affordable prices to allow a wider number of people to build their family.

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Fertility Medicine

Obstetrics & Gynecology

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A 26-year-old female asked:
Dr. Michael Opsahl
Fertility Medicine 43 years experience
Wide variation: The most important variable affecting IVF success is the woman's age. Other factors include male factors, fibroids, blocked tubes, endometriosis, previous live both and many more. A great resource for information is www.sart.org and cdc.gov where you can see statistics for the nation of individual clinics. Please note the many ways to define success and how we are changing the definitions.
A 48-year-old member asked:
Dr. Michael Opsahl
Fertility Medicine 43 years experience
Safe to have IVF: We know that infertile women who do not do IVF have increased risks with both pregnancy and birth defects. Are the risks higher with IVF? Probably not but the data are still not totally clear. Mostly, we think that couples using IVF are "more infertile" than couple who do not use IVF. These points are difficult to prove because no one pays to collect great information for research.
A 29-year-old female asked:
Dr. Michael Opsahl
Fertility Medicine 43 years experience
Rarely helps: One of the major changes in infertility care has been the change from surgery to IVF treatment. We almost never think that surgery benefits IVF except if you have hydrosalpinx (dilated blocked tubes).

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Dr. Keith Blauer
Dec 2, 2012
I  whole heartedly endorse  Dr Michael Opsahl.  I have known Dr Opsahl since he was on the faculty of the REI Fellowshp for the Combined Federal Fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology...Read More
Dec 2, 2012
I endorse this doctor. Dr Opsahl consistently provides excellent responses on AVVO.Com. His answers are chock full of helpful information and his recommendations are right on target.
Dr Opsahl is an excellent and experienced physician who I have personally known since 1994 when he was in the military. I recommend him without reservations
HealthTap member
Thank you. I am 32 and he 52. Being his age and having already 6 kids, he is more keen for IVF twins as his ideal as he would really like the babies to have a sibling and by having two at once means h...Read More
HealthTap member
Thank goodness! I was afraid to admit my error to my doctor. Was afraid I was risking cervical cancer or something by not letting a natural process take place. Now I understand that the bleeding while...Read More
HealthTap member
This was very helpful. Thanks! Thank you. I was considering going the illegal and unhealthy route but you helped convince me not to. You very well may have saved me from death.

Education & Training

Medical/Graduate school

Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine, SC
Graduated 1978MD


National Naval Medical Center


Washington State Magazine, Top Doc (2009-2011)
Host Award for best clinical paper. Opsahl MS, Robins ED, O’Connor DM, Fritz MA. Sonographic Characteristics of Endometrial and Follicular Development in Serial Clomiphene Citrate-Induced Cycles. Armed Forces District Meeting of ACOG, 11/1994
Award for best paper by a resident (1 of 3). Gherman RB, Opsahl MS, Leiberman R, O’Connor DM.. The impact of surgical pretreatment with leuprolide acetate on cellularity and mitotic count in leiomyomata pathology specimens. Armed Forces District Meeting of ACOG, 11/1994


Poma Fertility
American Society for Reproductive Medicine
American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions, provide medical advice, write prescriptions, and more.
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