How long does a dental impression take?

A few minutes. New technology allows us to record impression without trays and the gooey material....No gagging. Cameras record the teeth and are used to mill a solid model. You can also make porcelain crowns, veneers and onlays directly from. The images of the prepared teeth. A new era is here for dentistry. Can even make invisalign aligners without conventional, impressions.
Less than 10. Depending upon the type of impression materials that are used for a particular situation, the time required is typically from 4-10 minutes. If you are concerned about gagging, you may be surprised to find that with experienced and skilled operators you will not have a problem.
Depends on what is u. It depends what is used, differnt materials take differnt times.
Depends. Depends on why it is being taken. Diagnostic impressions are generally made with alginate set times vary 1-2 minutes. More definitive restorations are made with silicone and rubbery material set times can vary from 3 to 10 minutes. Generally more accurate materials take longer to set.