How much magnesium glycinate should I take against 600mg of elemental calcium (carbonate) and 400iu vitamin D3 for osteoporosis?

About 400- 600 mg. There is no consensus. Some experts advise a 2:1 ratio of cal. To mag others advise a 1:2 ratio. I feel a 1:1 ratio is reasonable. Calcium carbonate is relatively poorly absorbed; citrate is much better. Mag glycinate is well-absorbed. Most adults need 5000 iu of d in fall ; winter for optimal levels. I advise adding vit k to your regime-see http://bit.Ly/1a48ofs ; http://bit.Ly/18qtb7y.
500 mg. Normal and safe intake of elemental magnesium is 500 mg. Magnesium oxide undesirable since less than 20% of magnesium is absorbed. Magnesium gluconate or other organic chelate like aspartate or oratate is preferable, with better absorption profile. Important figure is not weight of entire chelated compound, because Amino Acid is heavier than oxide. Go by the "elemental" magnesium on the label.

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