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Tested pos for hsv2 8months ago but i still have no symptoms just retested march2021.. what do my results mean? hsv1 igg ,type specific ab 55.30 h hsv2 igg, type specific ab 2.41 h hsv 1/2 (igm), ifa w/rfl to titer hsv 1 igm screen negative?

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Dr. Hunter Handsfield answered

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You have HSV1, as are up do about half of all adults in the US -- so no surprise there. Your HSV2 result of 2.41 is technically positive, but only results 3.5 or higher are conclusively positive. With a value of 2.41, there's a 50% chance you have it. Speak with your doctor (or ideally an infectious diseases specialist) about having an HSV Western blot, the gold standard for HSV antibody testing.

Answered 3/22/2021



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