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Hi i have anal warts and would like to get them treated/removed and possibly also get vaccinated for hpv. i live in midrand, johannesburg where can i go or what can i do for treatment?

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Too late: You already had an HPV “vaccination” when you got perianal warts. That is why immunization is recommended for adolescents primarily - BEFORE they acquire Papilloma virus. Additional vaccine at this point will not protect or treat you any further Your anal warts can be chemically burned off with imiquimod (or podophyllotoxin) or physically removed with surgery or laser ablation

Answered 2/12/2021


Dr. Hunter Handsfield answered

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Warts & HPV vaccine: You'll need to be seen by a doctor or clinic to confirm and treat your anal warts. Depending on the number and extent of warts, surgery by a proctologist or colon & rectal surgeon might be necessary. HPV immunization in this situation is optional: at your age, and with anal warts, you already have had some of the HPV types covered by the vaccine. OTOH, it would prevent infection with other types.

Answered 2/14/2021



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